Turkish Prime Minister stood by his remarks earlier at Davos

In an opening ceremony Friday afternoon, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his stand on Gaza said “nobody has the right to wish that an incident in which 1,300 people died and 5,000 people were injured be ignored.”

He said Turkey acts in the region to ensure peace and stressed “we will not give opportunity to anybody to be disrespectful to the Turkish prime minister.”

He went on saying “Our fundamental slogan is Peace at home, Peace in the world. This is why we mediated between Israel-Syria and Israel-Palestine; we played an active role in the solution of Lebanon conflict.”

“We do not blame Israel, the Israeli people and Jews. We are not making a general criticism. Our criticism targets a specific method in a specific case. Our reaction is to bombs, war planes, and the situation of women and innocent children. Our reaction targets the practices of the Israeli administration.” He added.

He also stressed “We never targeted and will never target a specific religion or nation.”

He continued by saying “We are against anti-Semitism. But it is not correct; the bids to show every criticism against Israeli government as an anti-Semitist act. People in the region are tired of bloodshed and pain. Everybody should stay on the side of peace. Turkey’s side is peace.


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